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Make an Informed Decision about How to Feed Your Baby

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Most of the information regarding infant formula comes directly from formula companies. They are trying to encourage you to feed your baby formula. When women decide to formula feed, they will have to buy formula and feeding equipment until their baby is at least one year old. Many families are surprised at the cost over the long-term.


Formula companies often give mother samples of formula "just in case" they might need it. This free formula may come at a time when you are feeling tired, still getting to know your baby and not yet confident about breastfeeding.


Get educated about breastfeeding and all its benefits before your baby arrives. Make your decision, make it known to those who love and support you, and get the support in place before you begin your journey.


There are times when it is necessary to give formula. Some reasons for giving formula are:

  • The baby has a medical condition and needs to be fed formula or a special formula.
  • The mother has a medical condition and is unable to breastfeed her baby.
  • The mother and baby are separated from one another and the mother is unable to get enough breastmilk to her baby


Date of Creation: June 1, 2015

Last Modified: June 1, 2015