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Resources and signage from APH and provincial associations are provided by sector to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace.


For additional sector-specific health and safety measures to protect workers and customers, review provincial guidance documents from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development and provincial health and safety associations (Government of Ontario). The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development has also has a safety checklist workplaces and employers can go through to ensure they are developing policies and putting practices into place to protect their employees, customers, and the general public.



COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Toolkit


To keep our workforce and community safe and healthy, Algoma Public Health strongly recommends local employers institute workplace vaccination policies to protect their employees and the public from COVID-19. Algoma Public Health also strongly encourages all those eligible in Algoma to receive a complete series of COVID-19 vaccine. To support our Algoma workplaces, a toolkit was developed to provide you with the basic information and resources needed to design a COVID-19 vaccination policy and build vaccine confidence


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'Vaccine Certificate Required' Signage


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As of September 22, 2021, Ontarians will need to be fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) and provide their proof of vaccination along with photo ID to access certain public settings and facilities. This approach focuses on higher-risk indoor public settings where face coverings cannot always be worn and includes:

  • Restaurants and bars (excluding outdoor patios, as well as delivery and takeout);
  • Nightclubs (including outdoor areas of the establishment);
  • Meeting and event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference/convention centres;
  • Facilities used for sports and fitness activities and personal fitness training, such as gyms, fitness and recreational facilities with the exception of youth recreational sport;
  • Sporting events;
  • Casinos, bingo halls and gaming establishments;
  • Concerts, music festivals, theatres and cinemas;
  • Strip clubs, bathhouses and sex clubs;
  • Racing venues (e.g., horse racing).


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Online COVID-19 Screening Tools

The questions in these tools have been defined by the Ministry of Health

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Options for Asymptomatic Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19



Pharmacies By Region




Face Masks and Face Coverings


The province of Ontario is experiencing a recent increase in the number of new cases and this has resulted in recent changes in current regulations. This includes mandating the use of a face covering in indoor settings across the province.

Wearing a Face Mask in the Workplace

It is strongly recommended that employees wear personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects their eyes, nose and mouth (e.g. medical mask and eye protection) if in the course of their work they are:

  • Required to come within 2 metres of another person, even if that person is wearing a mask

Employees who are required to come within 2 metres of an unmasked person during the course of providing services must wear PPE (a mask and eye protection), unless separated by plexiglass or some other impermeable barrier.


Examples of PPE include a medical or surgical mask, goggles, and face shields. Cloth masks and 3-ply disposable masks are considered source control, not PPE. A list of Health Canada approved PPE is available to review.



Face Coverings
  • Businesses or organizations must ensure that masks or face coverings are worn by any person (including members of the public and workers) in the indoor area of the business or organization, with limited exceptions
  • Face coverings should be tightly fitted to cover the nose, mouth and chin. Scarves, buffs, balaclavas, and bandanas are insufficient.

APH and the provincial government are not asking businesses to require proof of medical or other such exemptions from customers or employees.

It is also recommended to wear a face covering outdoors whenever face-to-face with someone outside of your household especially if you are within two metres. 
More information for the provincial regulation is available.


Still have questions? 
Check out our Face Mask in the Workplace FAQs


Guidance for Employers Managing Workers with Symptoms within 48 Hours of COVID-19 Immunization
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Similar to other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine can cause side effects although not everyone will experience them. Most side effects are mild to moderate in severity and may occur in the first day or two after receiving the vaccine. Side effects often get better on their own within several days of immunization.


Common side effects include: pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, as well as tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and fever. This document will provide guidance for workplaces on managing common side effects of the COVID 19 vaccine that employees may experience


Employees Returning to Work


It is important to develop strategies to minimize exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 by providing staff training on the required public health measures. For information related to employees returning to work read our COVID-19 Guidance for Workplaces and Businesses where you will find information on: 


  • The number of staff, clients, or customers in indoor setting
  • What you can do to mimimize exposure for your employees
  • Staff health screening and attendance
  • What to do about screening of clients and customers
  • Strategies to maintain physical distancing
  • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
  • Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Importance of Masks/Face Covering for Clients/Customers
  • Role of the Employer during a Workplace COVID-19 Outbreak

Still have questions?

Check out our Employee Return to Work FAQs



Additional Resources  






Develop your COVID-19 workplace safety plan 

Guidance from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development 

Health and Safety Association Guidance Documents for Workplaces during COVID-19 Outbreak 




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