Novel Coronavirus

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Appointment Booking Eligibility

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1st & 2nd Dose


  • Anyone born in 2016 or earlier: Pfizer only clinics
  • Aged 18+: Moderna only clinics

Eligible individuals must be age eligible at the time of immunization


You can get either Moderna or Pfizer for your second dose at least 28 days after your first dose. 


Evidence continues to show that a complete two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series provides strong protection against COVID-19 infection and severe outcomes. 



Booster (3rd) Dose


Based on the National Advisory Committee on Immunization’s (NACI) recent recommendation, the following vulnerable population will be able to book an appointment if at least six months (168 days) has passed since their last dose.


  • NEW! Individuals 50+ (starting Monday, December 13, 2021)
  • Individuals aged 70+
  • Health care workers and designated essential caregivers in congregate settings (including long-term care home and retirement home staff and designated caregivers);
  • Individuals who received a complete series of a viral vector vaccine (two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine or one dose of the Janssen vaccine); and
  • First Nation, Inuit and Métis adults and their non-Indigenous household members.
  • People who live in a retirement home
  • People who live in congregate settings such as assisted-living facilities, chronic care hospitals, long-term care homes, First Nation elder care lodges and congregate seniors apartment buildings
  • People with moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency
  • Transplant recipients
  • Patients with hematological cancers
  • Recipients of an anti-CD20 agent

Booster doses are being offered to these groups based on evidence of gradual waning immunity six months after receiving their second dose and a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. While the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, the province is planning to expand eligibility for a booster dose to all Ontarians over time.