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Submitting a Tick

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Submitting a tick removed from a human or pet


All ticks can be brought to Algoma Public Health (APH) for identification. We submit suspect blacklegged ticks found on humans to the Public Health Laboratory (PHL). The PHL will not accept ticks found in the environment or removed from pets, however, all ticks submitted to Algoma Public Health are used as part of our surveillance program.


If the PHL identifies the tick as a blacklegged tick, it will then be sent to the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) to be tested for the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.


Please note: test results are not used for diagnostic purposes but rather surveillance purposes to gather data and monitor new and emerging tick populations in Ontario. For additional information please refer to Public Health Ontario’s frequently asked questions regarding tick submissions and testing.

Instructions for submitting a tick:


  1. Put the tick in a secure container.
  2. Bring the tick to your local APH office for identification. If tick cannot be brought to an office within one week of removal, tick may be placed in a freezer until drop off.
  3. Complete a Tick Submission Form at your local APH office, or complete form beforehand.