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Emotional Health

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Emotional Health for Parents:

Sometimes having a baby is not what you expected… Parenting can cause strain and tension – not to mention sleep deprivation!


We provide screening for early detection of postpartum mood disorders and anxiety, provide resources, and can also link families to other community services.


Balancing family and stress at times, make parents feel angry, anxious, or just plain "stressed out". These tensions are a normal, inevitable part of family life. Parents can learn ways to cope so that they don't feel overwhelmed by them.


Central Access  and Information Service can help you find mental health and addictions services available across the district as well as helping link people to the appropriate level of service.  Information on mental health, mental illness and addictions is also available. Call 705-759-5989 or in the District 1-855-366-1466 or email us at information@cmhassm.com.


Date of Creation: June 1, 2015

Last Modified: June 1, 2015