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Are you in your reproductive years? Are you thinking about having a baby? Are you pregnant?

Your health is important before, during and between pregnancies. You may have many questions about how to have a healthy pregnancy and where to turn for information. We have lots of valuable information and offer many services to help guide you through this journey.  

Take FREE online prenatal classes. 


FREE online prenatal classes 


• Understanding Pregnancy
• Understanding Birth
• Understanding Breastfeeding
• Understanding Your Newborn

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Find a birth control method that is right for you and your partner.


Practice safer sex. Many birth control methods do not protect your from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STIs, if untreated, may make you sick, and may interfere with your future plans of having a baby.


Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, be active, maintain a healthy weight, keep immunizations up-to-date, be smoke free, limit alcohol and drug use and limit your exposure to harmful chemicals.


Multivitamin for women: all women that could become pregnant should take a multivitamin containing folic acid every day.

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