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Unfiltered Facts North (formerly the Algoma Youth Action Alliance) is a health promotion coalition of youth aged 12 - 24 and adult allies.  We have committees in Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake and Blind River. 


How the Committees Work:

We get together once a month to plan meaningful health promotion activities.  The goal is to prevent young people from starting to smoke and to support those who want help quitting.  


Making Real Change...

Commercial tobacco products are the #1 cause of preventable death and disease in the world - killing 6x more people than suicides, car crashes, homicides, and AIDS combined. 


Youth leaders have helped make real change such as getting flavours out of tobacco products and helping to create smoke free spaces where youth play!


There is still more work to be done.


We need your ideas & opinions!


Reasons to join:

1. Free food

2. Fun activities

3. New friendships

4. Unique ways to earn community volunteer hours

5. Travel to different cities for conferences

6. Have your voice heard by different levels of government

7. A chance to be a part of building a healthier community

8. Teach others

9. Attend workshops, conferences, and trainings

10. Gain valuable skills and knowledge for resumes and school applications


Unifiltered Facts North Values: «Health«Social Justice«Leadership«Teamwork«Diversity«Creativity«Respect«


Activity Examples:

  • Smoke Free Movie Nights
  • Displays, Health Fairs, Symposiums
  • Fashion Shows
  • Concerts
  •  Parade Floats
  • Cigarette Clean Ups and Tree Plants
  • Post Cards & Pledges
  • Bon Soo Snow Soccer Tournament
  • Presented to MPs, MPPs, City/Town Council, School Boards, Board of Health, etc.)
  • Supported Smoke Free Parks
  • Helped take down power walls


COVID-19 & Teen Support


During this COVID-19 pandemic, Unfiltered Facts North youth leaders have started to develop a social media presence on Instagram to share information about issues that affect young people, such as social distancing, tobacco misuse, vaping, and mental wellness.


Check out Unfiltered Facts North on Instagram: @uffnorth_ssm




If you would like to join, contact:  Corina Artuso, Youth Engagement Coordinator, 705-942-4646 ext. 3043