Protection from COVID-19 in Algoma

Algoma Public Health

Protection from COVID-19 in Algoma

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This webpage provides you with guidance to protect yourself and others.

APH has taken measures to be able to live with and manage COVID-19 for the long-term and is no longer following up with every case or contact in the general public.


APH continues to conduct surveillance and provide outbreak management support to highest risk settings in Algoma to protect those most vulnerable in our communities. See our Local COVID-19 Data to learn more about COVID-19 surveillance in Algoma.


Highest risk settings include hospitals, congregate living settings (e.g. long-term care homes, retirement homes, elder care lodges, group homes, shelters, hospices, correctional institutions, and hospital schools), and employee-provided living settings of International Agricultural Workers. If you live or work in a highest risk setting, you may receive follow-up by your employer, health and safety committee, or infection prevention and control team. 


If you have questions related to COVID‑19 testing and isolation guidelines, please call the Provincial Testing and Isolation Information line at 1-888-777-0730.


To connect with the our General COVID-19 Phone Line, please call is 705-541-7370 or toll free at 1-888-440-3730.


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