Pregnancy & Parenting in Algoma


Pregnancy is a time of many changes that will likely lead you to have many questions. If you are thinking about becoming a parent, are currently pregnant, or are recovering from a pregnancy, support is available for you. Our website contains valuable information to help guide you and your family through this milestone.


Parenting a healthy family is a big responsibility. Resources are available to support expecting and new parent(s). Search through our parenting section to learn more about the options that exist for you and your family.


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Find a birth control method that is right for you and your partner.


Practice safer sex. Many birth control methods do not protect your from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STIs, if untreated, may make you sick, and may interfere with your future plans of having a baby.


Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, be active, maintain a healthy weight, keep immunizations up-to-date, be smoke free, limit alcohol and drug use and limit your exposure to harmful chemicals.

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Last Modified: November, 2022