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Injury Prevention

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Car Seats



  • 4/5 children are not correctly buckled into their seats
  • Misuse rates range from 44% to 81% for car seats, and 30% to 50% for booster seats

Canadian Pediatric Society, 2008

Many people are surprised to learn that preventable injuries kill more Canadian children each year than any other disease. The good news is that we can take a few small steps to avoid these injuries and protect our children. Remember, everyone has a role to play in keeping a child safe.


Key Tips

  1. Restrain children on every trip, every time
  2. Keep children in the back seat until age 13
  3. Use the correct safety seat for a child’s size, height, and weight
  4. Do not use bulky outerwear or add after-market products (e.g. infant bunting bag) to your car seat—these are not approved by car seat manufacturers and reduce a child’s safety

Car Seat Stages


The Law:

Car seats and booster seats must be purchased in Canada and show the National Safety Mark for use in Canada. It is illegal to use a car seat or booster seat purchased from another country (e.g., the U.S.) Look for this symbol to know it has been approved for use in Canada:


National Safety Mark


NOTE: The law is always the minimum requirement.

Car Seat Safety Tips

For quick tips about car seat safety and information about our inspection clinic, watch below:  



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Last Modified: May, 2023