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Embracing Indigenous Childbirth Traditions 


Each community has its own teachings and customs about pregnancy and childbirth. Knowledge Keepers, Elders, Grandmothers, and Grandfathers, may have this information. Many pregnant people find learning about these traditions and cultural teachings comforting and helpful during pregnancy. Talk to people you trust and who make you feel comfortable, about the knowledge in your community.


Every person has their own teachings that may be unique to them; people do things differently according to their teachings. Because teachings are specific to a community and sometimes even a season, ask Knowledge Keepers in order to learn about teachings and to understand the spirit and intent of a teaching. Talk to Elders to learn about teachings and customs in your community.


Other sources of information about traditional teachings for pregnancy and parenting include:


Best Start - Beginning Journey: First Nations Pregnancy Resource


National Council of Aboriginal Midwives

1-514-807-3668 (choose language then press 6 in main menu)


Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Information for all parents, and additional support for parents who need it. Call Service

Ontario for more info: 1-800-267-8097 or


Atuaqsijut: Following the Path Sharing Inuit Specific Ways


Local Contacts:



Registering a Birth


Registering a Birth in Ontario

You can register your baby’s birth online, or you can ask someone to help you do this. You can also request a birth certificate in the same way.


Applying for Indian Status

Applications for Indian Status can be completed online or you can contact your local Membership department at your band.


Date Created: November, 2022