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Prenatal Education

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Prenatal refers to the time before birth; during or relating to a pregnancy. In this section learn about the changes that both you and your growing baby go through during each trimester. It will be helpful to review these topics with your partner/support person.


On This Page:


  • Your baby's development, week-by-week
  • How your body changes during pregnancy
  • How to nourish yourself and your growing baby
  • Physical activity during pregnancy
Preparing for Birth

Baby's development, week-by-week

1st Trimester Changes


Your first trimester begins at conception and lasts until the end of the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. Right around the time you miss your period, you may start to notice the first signs of pregnancy, which are caused by changing hormone levels.


Note to partner/support person: The baby will grow from the size of a poppy seed to the size of a plum.

During this period it is important that you find balance in being supportive, helpful, and happy. This can be hard, as the first trimester is a new experience and they may not be showing much yet, nor can you feel the baby move. But by showing them your support in any way you can, you are already making this an easier experience.


Changes you may notice:


  • Full and sore breasts

  • Feeling more tired than usual

  • Frequent urination

  • Feeling nauseous and sensitive to smell



2nd Trimester Changes


Your second trimester takes you from Week 14 through Week 27. Your pregnancy is now well-established. Your nausea may have gone away, and you’re probably sleeping better, too. Overall, you might be feeling happy and content about your pregnancy.


Note to your partner/support person: The baby will grow from the side of a plum to a squash.


Changes you may notice:


  • Increased hunger and energy

  • Feeling the baby move inside you (this can feel like butterflies or gas bubbles)

  • Your belly begins to show

  • You may start wearing maternity clothes and larger-sized bras



3rd Trimester Changes


Your third trimester takes you from Week 28 through Week 40. Your body is changing to prepare for birth and breastfeeding. You might feel excited and nervous about the upcoming birth and parenthood.


Note to your partner/support person: The baby will grow from the size of a squash to a small watermelon.


Changes you may notice:


  • Feeling a shortness of breath
  • Your stomach may feel crowded (try eating smaller meals)
  • Swelling of ankles
  • Leaking colostrum (your early milk) from breasts
  • Feeling warm-up contractions



Changes to your Body


Labour & Birth
After Birth



Date Created: November, 2022