Algoma Public Health

Clinic Services

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All Nurse Practitioner and Public Health Nurse health services are free, confidential and by appointment only (except for drop-in birth control purchasing). Appointments are available in person and over the phone. Hours may differ depending on availability at each APH office. Nurse Practitioner clinic services are available over the phone as well as in person at the APH office in Sault Ste. Marie.


To set up an appointment or for any questions related to clinical services, please call 705-942-4646, Toll-Free 1-866-892-0172 or your local APH office.


Available Clinic Services

Algoma Public Health does not assess or treat the following:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Sexual dysfunction (erection and arousal difficulties, timing of ejaculation, low libido)
  • Fertility, miscarriage, or menopause 

Please seek assessments through your primary health care provider, a local walk-in clinic (SSM), or attend the Sault Area Hospital Emergency Room.




Type of Program/Services What does this service currently look like?
Free condoms Free condoms are available for pickup at main reception at your local health unit office, no appointment needed.
Routine Pap Tests
(SSM Office Only)
If you have a primary care provider, please request a routine pap test from them. If you do not have a primary care provider, call to book an in-person appointment.

Birth Control, Intrauterine Contraceptives (IUCs) insertions/removal, Nexplanon, Refills, Purchasing

(SSM Office Only)

Please see your healthcare provider for a birth control prescription or refill. Request to have the prescription sent to APH if you would like to purchase birth control from us. If you do not have a healthcare provider, please phone to book an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner.


To purchase birth control, visit APH during birth control purchasing hours.

Emergency Contraception Call our Sexual Health and Information Lines (SHIL) to speak with a public health nurse. They will talk to you about which emergency contraception is best and available
 Pregnancy testing  Call to schedule an appointment.

 Routine STI Testing

(SSM Office Only)

 Call to book an in-person or telephone appointment.

 STI, Syphilis, Hep C, and HIV testing for people with symptoms or who are named contacts

(SSM Office Only)

 Call to book an in-person appointment.
 HIV Testing Call to schedule an in person or telephone appointment. Appointments are available for standard HIV testing, Point of Care HIV testing and anonymous HIV testing
 Herpes  Call to book an in-person appointment if you are currently having an outbreak. APH does not offer routine blood testing for herpes.
HPV/Molluscum Call to book an in-person appointment for initial assessment. A physical exam is required for diagnosis.



What to expect at your appointment

  • Bring your health card if you have one
  • If a urine sample is being collected, do not empty your bladder for 2 hours before your appointment
  • When you arrive at APH, check in at front reception

If you have sexual health questions or concerns outside of our clinic hours, free, anonymous and inclusive counselling is available 7 days a week with Sexual Health Ontario at TF 1-800-668-2437.