A healthy start for school

Algoma Public Health

A healthy start for school

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Health + Education = Opportunity

Starting school is an exciting time for both children and parents. The information provided will help make this a safe and healthy experience.

Healthy students are better prepared to learn. Check to see if your child is ready for school.


  • Has your child received immunizations needed to attend school?
  • Does Algoma Public Health have your child’s immunization record?
  • Has your child seen a dental professional for their 1st dental visit?
  • Has your child had an eye examination?

This resource will provide you with information to the above questions and more.

Public health services are available in schools within the district of Algoma. The goal of the School Health Team is to work together, alongside school boards and schools to achieve optimal health and wellbeing for school-aged children and youth.

The link between health and education provides an ideal setting for children and youth to learn and to develop healthy habits.

Healthy students are better prepared to learn, and education is a key determinant of health.

The role of public health in your school


  • collaborate with students, parents, educators and community partners to promote the health and wellbeing of school-aged children and youth
  • provide health education supports and resources
  • support the implementation of a healthy school policy
  • promote student leadership and engagement while empowering students to develop coping skills and healthy habits
  • provide clinical services such as immunization and dental screening within applicable grades