Algoma Public Health


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Algoma Public Health (APH) is a teaching health unit. APH is committed to offering learner opportunities that
build core competencies for public health in the next generation of public health professionals.


From resident rotations to practicums and placements, we’re hoping to have you join our team for an engaging and informative public health experience!


We deliver public health programs and services across the Algoma district, in homes, schools, clinics, workplaces, community organizations, and health care facilities, to support our vision of “Health for all. Together”.


You can learn more about us, including our strategic plan, mission, values, and programs on our website.  


Would you like to do your rotation or placement at Algoma Public Health?



Learner Opportunities

Based on the availability of preceptors/ supervisors and the existence of an affiliation agreement between APH and the educational facility, we can accommodate placements in the following areas: