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Drinking water advisories are issued to warn the public that the water is potentially unsafe and outline what precautions should be taken to prevent injury and illness. There are three types of drinking water advisories:

  • Boil water advisories
  • Do not drink advisories
  • Do not use advisories


How do I know if a drinking water advisory has been issued?

  • Your municipality or local water utility company may notify you with a telephone message or through door-to-door messaging
  • Signage may be posted at entrances to businesses, at drinking water fountains or at hand washing sinks notifying you of the advisory
  • Check out our 'Advisories in Effect' tab below
  • APH may issue a public service announcement under certain circumstances (e.g., oil spill)

Tips for Travelling:

  • Always be prepared when travelling to rural or isolated areas by packing drinking water, in the event there is an unexpected advisory issued
  • Contact the campground, cottage, or lodging site you may be staying at before travelling for the most up-to-date status of drinking water availability 


Boil Water Advisories





Advisories in Effect
'Do Not Drink' Advisories
'Do Not Use' Advisories