Healthy Built Environment

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Healthy Built Environment

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A built environment is anything in our physical environment that is human-created. It includes obvious things like buildings, parks and neighbourhoods, but it also refers to land use patterns and transportation systems. 

The built environment around us has a direct impact on our health. When talking about the built environment here's how it relates to you:

  • Community Design
  • Land use planning 
  • Walkable and transit-supportive communities 
  • Climate change impacts 
  • Green spaces 
  • Pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety 
  • Affordable housing


How is the built environment and health related?

The layout and features of our environment can predict our behaviours and our exposure to health hazards. The design and features of the built environment can help or hinder us in making healthy choices like getting exercise, using public transit, outdoor activity, and finding healthy foods to buy.


The built environment holds tremendous potential for addressing many current public health issues such as:

  • reduced physical activity
  • community safety
  • social inequities or isolation
  • mental health
  • exposure to environmental hazards.


Interesting facts about the environment and our health: