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2017 - Bulletin: Preschool Speech and Language

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The first years of life are very important for developing speech and language skills. One in 10 children need help developing skills. Without help, a child may struggle to listen and talk, learn to read or play with other children. The earlier a child needing help is identified, the better the outcomes are.

Algoma Public Health Preschool speech and language services and referrals.2

The number of children receiving speech and language services has increased by 21.3% since 2012/2013.

# of children receiving services:


  2012-2013     592  
  2013-2014   634
  2014-2015   608
  2015-2016   681
  2016-2017   718

Speech and Language Program at Algoma Public Health in last 5 years:

  Referrals received:   1524  
  Families coached to help their children:   446
  Preschool children supported"   423


Did you know?

  • The majority of speech and language referrals are made by parents.

  • As a parent, you have a critical role to play for improving your child’s communication skills

  • Every 1 dollar spent on preschool speech and language services saves up to 9 dollars in future health, social and justice services3

Algoma Public Health’s focus to improve language development in children involves:


  • Offering the Preschool Speech and Language Program to families, which includes speech and language assessments, interventions and supports for parents to help their children at home.
  • Offering e-learning information for parents on our website.
  • Answering parent questions on the Parent Child Information Line at 705-541-7101 or 1-888-537-5741.