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Farmers' Markets

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1) Food Permit Application

2) Organizer Application 


Submit applications to: or submit in-person.

Seasonal farmers’ markets in the Algoma District must be approved by Algoma Public Health prior to operation.

  • Vendor application must be submitted 14 days prior to an event.
  • Organizer application must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the scheduled opening of the market.
    • All vendors of a farmers market including non-food vendors must submit a Vendor Application.

It is still against the law to sell uninspected meats, unpasteurized milk, and ungraded eggs.

All food must be approved by APH and vendors and organizers must comply with the Operating Guidelines for Farmers' Markets.

Exemption (from Food Premises Regulation 493/17):

Greater than 50% of the vendors are producers of farm products who are primarily selling or offering for sale their own products intended for use as food.


All vendors including non-food vendors should be considered as part of the farmers’ market. Operators exempted from the Food Premises Regulation will be requested to maintain an inventory of vendors on-site or have access available to the inventory for the Public Health Inspector to monitor the ongoing application of the exemption