Selling Food From Home

Algoma Public Health

Selling Food From Home

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Are you selling food to the public from your home?


If you are selling food out of your home you are required to have an inspection from Algoma Public Health and a permit of approval.


Food Vendor Inspection Application

Please complete the application form below:


Selling food from an uninspected source, such as a home, is not permitted. An inspection must be conducted and the home premises must meet the requirements of the Food Premises Regulation.


Learn more: Uninspected Food From Home


Apply for a home kitchen inspection to receive a permit. A public health inspector will contact you to arrange a date and time for inspection 1-5 business days after the application is submitted.


The following lists of food items are examples of higher risk foods that are NOT ACCEPTABLE to be prepared / processed at a private home kitchen.



The following lists of food items are examples of lower risk foods that may be ACCEPTABLE to prepare/process at a private home kitchen.  All food items for sale MUST be approved by a Public Health Inspector:


Understand why you should not be buying from an uninspected food premises 

Buying high risk foods like curries, meat dishes, meat pies, lasagnas, and other pastas from Facebook auction sites could lead to food poisoning. Home chefs do not meet the same food safety requirements as an inspected restaurant. In addition to home sold food being unsafe, it is also illegal to sell uninspected food.


Always buy food from an inspected source. All restaurants have records of their previous inspections and the public can view inspection reports online:


Examples of food sold from home


Algoma Public Health will be following-up with unregulated food sales as they are become aware of them. In some cases a home can be altered to allow for the sale of food to the public however an inspection of the site is still required.


In addition, home kitchens must met zoning requirements for their municipality and should have business insurance.  

Two Things an Inspected Kitchen Should Have 

Safe Food Handler Training Certificate

Everyone preparing food should have proof of a Safe Food Handlering Training Certificate



Food Safety Inspection Report

Every inspected premises will have a copy of their previous inspection report onsite