Quit Smoking or Vaping

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Quit Smoking or Vaping

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Congratulations, you've decided to quit. It's a big step to a healthier life. Quitting can be difficult and often takes practice. Many people relapse/start again in the first few weeks or months after quitting. Don't be discouraged, it often takes a few tries to quit for good.


There's no one way to quit. Customize your quit plan to best meet your specific goals and needs.


Here are some tips to get started:

  • Set a quit date
  • Create smoke/vape-free spaces, for example make your home or vehicle smoke/vape-free
  • Get support - When quitting smoking or vaping, it is always helpful to have someone to talk to
  • Cut down before you quit - Try using the 4 D’s to help:
    • DELAY – Cravings often go away within 3 to 5 minutes so try to wait it out
    • DRINK WATER – Instead of reaching for nicotine, reach for a glass of cold water
    • DISTRACT – Find something to keep your mind and hands busy
    • DEEP BREATHING – It can help you relax and push away the urge to smoke/vape


Check out the resources available below help you quit.



Last Modified: November, 2023